The Following Sentence Has A Misplaced Modifier. Tired Of Studying And Writing Research Papers, Summer Vacation Came As A Relief To The Student. Which Revision Corrects The Error In The Sentence? Summer Vacation Came As A Relief To Studying And Writing Re (2023)

1. [PDF] sec_E_SB_ELA_G7.pdf -

  • The end product is testimony to their expertise, understanding of student learning needs, and dedication to rigorous and accessible English Language Arts ...

2. Dangling Modifiers and How To Correct Them - Purdue OWL

  • Missing: tired summer vacation came relief

  • Summary:

3. [PDF] 501 Grammar & Writing Questions 3rd Edition

  • Which of the following sentences has an error in pronoun agreement? a. Part ... The modifier last summer is misplaced. A modifier should be nearest to the ...

4. [PDF] ACT English - Irondale Public Library

  • The English Student Workbook consists of four practice tests, a Student Information. Manual covering six essential elements of expository writing: ...

5. [PDF] You, Writing!: A Guide to College Composition - IRL @ UMSL

6. [PDF] A Writer's Reference

  • Manufactured in the United States of America. 5 4 3 2 1 0. f e d c b a. For information, write: Bedford/St. Martin's, 75 Arlington Street,.

7. [PDF] Rules for Writers with Writing about Literature (Tabbed Version)

  • ... students to specific sections of the handbook to guide and inform their revision strategies. In Rules for Writers, Diana Hacker created a handbook that.

8. (DOC) Writing Skill for Language Learner -

  • ) Activity 5 Underline the misplaced or dangling modifier in each sentence. Then rewrite the sentence, placing related words together or adding a logical ...

  • Writing Skill for Language Learner

(DOC) Writing Skill for Language Learner -

9. [PDF] Untitled - ERIC

  • Have the pupils write some original sentences; have them = indicate = the = subjects =and the verbs. Encourage the Slow pupils to read, and insist that they ...

10. [PDF] Handbook Bedford - Sowers' English & Stuff

  • ExErcisE 12–1 Edit the following sentences to correct misplaced or awkwardly placed modifiers. Possible revisions appear in the back of the book. More ...

11. [PDF] English Composition 1 - THE WRITING PROCESS - Amazon AWS

  • Using your outline as a guide, write the sentences and paragraphs that clearly state and develop your ideas. The first step in writing an essay is understanding ...

12. [PDF] Grammar and Language Workbook - Henry County Schools

  • ▷ Exercise 1 Complete each sentence by writing the correct form of the modifier indicated in the ... ▷ Writing Link Write a paragraph that contains dangling and ...

13. [DOC] English Essentials, Short Version - MyGUST

  • Part One focuses on fourteen grammar and punctuation skills that students most need to write well. Once students master the basics, they can go on to Part Two, ...

14. [PDF] Grammar and Language Workbook - Northern Local School District

  • Missing: revision | Show results with:revision

15. [PDF] Analysis of the TOEFL 2000 Spoken and Written Academic Language ...

  • Jan 25, 2004 · The TOEFL Monograph Series features commissioned papers and reports for TOEFL 2000 and other Test of English as a Foreign LanguageTM ...


  • The RLA section also tests your knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, and the mechanics of language. Sharpening your reading and writing skills is important ...

17. [DOC] SATP.Questions.Standards.Alignment ...

  • J Both can be pleasant memories of time spent in nature. 1b. The student will analyze author's (or authors)' uses of figurative language (e.g., metaphor, simile ...

18. [PDF] Writing Skills Course for Newly Commissioned Marine Corps Officers

  • Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. Navy Personnel Research and Development Center. San Diego, CA 92152-7250 u nimnnnln nn~mn nnu If.

19. [PDF] Refiguring Prose Style: Possibilities for Writing Pedagogy

  • It has been accepted for inclusion in All USU Press Publications by an authorized administrator of DigitalCommons@USU. For more information, please contact.


  • As we step into another summer after a wonderful school year, we wanted to provide your students with some resources to keep the learning going as they ...


Which revision corrects the error in the sentence summer vacation? ›

Tired of studying and writing research papers, summer vacation came as a relief to the student. Which revision corrects the error in the sentence? Summer vacation came as a relief to the student, who was tired of studying and writing research papers.

Which revision corrects the error in the sentence the group members met on Saturday working on the project together? ›

The following sentence has a misplaced modifier. The group members met on Saturday working on the project together. Which revision corrects the error in the sentence? The group members who were working on the project together met on Saturday.

Is summer vacation correct? ›

Hence, the singular uncountable noun 'summer vacation' is correct grammatically.

Is the summer vacation a correct sentence? ›

Yes, it is a correct sentence. You do not need to add an 'a' before 'vacation'.

How do you know if it is a dangling modifier? ›

A dangling modifier occurs when the intended subject of the modifier is missing from the sentence, and instead another subject appears in its place. Dangling modifiers often take the form of an introductory phrase that is connected to the wrong thing. Fumbling in her purse, the keys could not be found.

How do you find the correct error in a sentence? ›

Error spotting rules
  1. Rule 1: Check and identify the part of the speech.
  2. Rule 2: Identify the type of sentence.
  3. Rule 3: Check the punctuation.
  4. Rule 4: Identify the pronouns.
  5. Rule 5: Identify the singularity and plurality.

How do you correct common sentence errors? ›

To correct this common sentence error, link the fragment to the previous sentence—together they express a complete thought—or add the subject to the second sentence. Example: They prefer Burger King and go there often. Example: They prefer Burger King. And they go there often.

Which preposition is used before summer vacation? ›

Generally, we use: to be on vacation.

How do you correct errors in a sentence? ›

The rules for sentence correction are:
  1. Avoid repetition.
  2. Use parallelism.
  3. Ensure there is a subject-verb agreement.
  4. Avoid making wrong comparisons.
  5. Pay attention to word choice.
  6. Pay attention to modifiers.
May 11, 2022

What spot the error in the given sentence and rewrite the correct sentence summer in Delhi are extremely hot? ›

Correct sentence: Summers in Delhi are extremely hot. We were supposed to spot the error in the given sentence and then re-write the correct sentence. Here the error is "extreme" because in this sentence an adverb is required i.e. "extremely" is required rather than an adjective.

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